Zhanyun Port Co., Ltd.

Operation manager

Su Xingsui


Address: No. 150 Donghai North Road, Ushiyama Town, Donghai County, Lianyungang
Email: 809164751@qq.com
Other contact information: 15052494529

Necessary charges other than the product price

Free shipping

Delivery time

The item is usually shipped in 15 days, starting the day after the order date.
*Delivery may be delayed depending on the area where the customer lives or if there is a concentration of orders. Please note.
* If you can't deliver the item, UTme! We will contact you at the customer counter.

payment method

credit card

We accept the following credit cards.
VISA, Master, JCB, American Express
*Payment will be made in lump sum in the following month.
*We only accept credit cards in the name of the person who placed the order.
* Closing dates and withdrawal dates differ depending on the credit card company.
* Uniqlo is responsible for credit card payment fees.
*Cards other than credit cards, such as debit cards and rechargeable cards, cannot be used.


-Cancellation of application, return exchange of goods cannot be done in principle.
-Even if you are unavoidably canceled due to reasons such as not receiving the purchased item, you will not receive a refund of design processing expenses other than the item unit price (including stamp fee, color fee, design fee, shipping fee).

If the size, body color, quantity, etc. are different from your order

· Please let us know within 7 days after arrival of the item and return it by payment.
· We will refund the item price (including consumption tax) of the item.
· If you use a credit card, after you return the deduction amount will be provided by a statement issued by the credit card company.

Payment of consideration to the listing user

-The Company will pay 300 to 2000 yen (source tax included) for each purchase of a product using the exhibition data by another buyer.
-The listing user can make a payment claim to us at any time.
-If an exhibition user makes a payment claim by each month 25, we will pay the exhibition user by transfer to the bank account specified by the exhibition user (limited to account in Japan) within 45 days from the closed date (each month 25).
-Even if there is no payment request from the seller user, we will make payment process by closing the price of the seller user on December 25 every year. Payment date and payment method are the same as described above.
* The transfer fee of 220 yen is the burden of the seller user. We pay the price of the exhibition users less the transfer fee.
* You will pay the amount deducted from the source tax to individual listing users.

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